About St Stithians Archives

Using the Digital Archive

Welcome to the St Stithians College Digital Archive. We hope that you will enjoy taking a walk down memory lane to rediscover your school-days and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The web interface of this digital archive is best browsed in the Firefox browser.

St Stithians has embarked on an extensive project to build this digital archive. The process of building the archive will take a number of years and will continue year-on-year as analogue and digital files from each year are captured, processed and loaded. The initial effort has been to digitize the school magazines that can now be searched on this system. Photographs will be added in year batches and will include all of those that appear in the magazines for which we have the originals as well as a selection of other photographs, both formal and informal.

The Digital Repository

Although the archive may have the appearance of a simple website, it is actually the web interface to what is known as a digital asset management system that will preserve our valuable digital files for future generations and make them available to our community. The repository is not designed primarily for viewing material online, but rather for locating material and then ordering a high-resolution download.


To search for a name or any other topic of interest, use the search box. For names, search by surname only as the magazine and photo captions may have included only surnames. The search will only locate exact matches. If an error was made in the original, then that error carries into the digital version. Should you become aware of any errata that have not been noted, please advise us at archives@stithian.com.

All searches will search the entire magazine set plus all other digital assets once added and will return a count of manuscript and image hits. e.g. a search for Craven will result in references to any alumni with that surname as well as references to Craven Week.


To browse through the school magazines please follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Galleries tab
  2. Select the magazine set for the school you wish to search e.g. Boys’ College Year Books
  3. Click on the thumbnails icon just underneath the search box
  4. Scroll down and select the issue you wish to open (e.g. Item1980)
  5. Click on the thumbnail image to see the title and details
  6. Each issue has icons which enable you to add an item to your own selection, zoom in to browse the issue or download a high resolution copy
  7. Many of the original prints of photographs published in the magazines have been digitised and are being made available in year batches. To check for a high resolution digital version of a team photograph search for e.g. 1998 BC Squash.
  8. If you are aware of any errors or omissions in the captions or elsewhere please assist us by advising archives@stithian.com

Searching within a magazine issue

To search for specific text within one of the magazine issues

  1. Download the high resolution PDF
  2. Use Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) to locate your search term


All identified photographs have been digitised and are being added to the digital archive in year batches. To order a publication quality photograph of an image that appears in any issue of the Stythian magazine, please email archives@stithian.com.

  1. All physical photographs form pre-1953 to 2004 have been identified as far as possible. Their captions include Year, School, Title (team or group) and page reference to the Stythian magazines e.g. 1998 BC Rugby 1st XV   ST p123. However, some will include TBI or NIS in the captions. TBI means that one or more aspects of the photograph needs To Be Identified. NIS means it is a formal photograph that does not appear in the Stythian magazine for any year.
  2. The names of those appearing in the photographs are not yet included in the metadata. However, the link to the page in which the photograph appears in the Stythian magazine will lead you to the names should you wish to check them.
  3. f you are aware of any errors or omissions in the captions or elsewhere please assist us by advising archives@stithian.com

Publication quality photographs: Should you wish to use any photographs for online or physical publications, kindly contact us with your requirements to discuss copyright and publication implications.


The copyright of all materials in the Digital Archive is owned by St Stithians College, or, in exceptional cases by the creator of the archival item. No image, text or any other information may be used digitally or in print formats without the permission of the St Stithians College Archives.

Donations to the Archive

The physical contents of the archive are currently being organised and preserved as well as digitised. Our holdings reflect much of the past and living history of the College. Should you wish to donate materials such as photographs, programmes, uniforms, correspondence or alumni publications to the archive or if you would like to contribute to building the digital archive by donating born-digital photographs, kindly email archives@stithian.com.

Dr Mary Reynolds (Archivist)